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Welcome to the Blind Community Thrift Strore

We are the first retail store in the world (Thats right the world) utilizing the NaviLens System. We are actively growing our use of NaviLens to label our store making us accessible to not only the Blind and Visually Impaired, but for anyone who may speak a language other than English. Using the NaviLens Codes we can help direct individuals through our store while listing prices and information for all to see and hear. Follow the Steps below to start shopping with us using NaviLens.

Step 1
Download NaviLens App on your cell phone (Apple and Android) 

Step 2 
Open NaviLens App and hold your phone up to discover codes around our store. 

Step 3
Listen to the audio to learn more about the products in front of you and get directions through the store.

For More Information about NaviLens

Click the link below for the NaviLens YouTube Channel

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